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Italian-style wedding in Umbria

Today we are talking about the real Italian style wedding.

The typical Italian style of wedding planning is a real art.

Some people believe that you can put together a plate of pasta, a band that plays “Volare” and the fact itself, to be in Italy to celebrate the wedding to have a real wedding in Italian style.

Well, they’re very wrong, very wrong indeed!

How to organise an Italian-style wedding

To organise a wedding in true Italian style requires knowledge, experience and technique. 

You need to know the right venues, you need to create the atmosphere you want, you need to select the right suppliers, you need to put a lot of love into it and above all, you need to celebrate the real Made in Italy.

Knowledge is everything

Knowing the territories, the people, the customs and the reliable suppliers is the only real secret for organising a destination wedding.

Only those who live in a territory can guarantee this service excellence, because they live every day meeting people, sharing experiences with them and creating relationships much deeper than those of a simple business. 

This is why it is important to choose people who are local to organise your destination wedding, because they are the only ones who can give you excellent advice and guidance.

They can guarantee the best value for money and can make all the difference on your big day. 

In life, knowledge gives us power of choice, knowledge is everything. 

Organising an Italian-style wedding in Umbria

What options does Umbria offer for an Italian style wedding? h2

Our region is waiting to be discovered, beautiful landscapes, unique details that could become the setting for your Italian wedding.

We are very well prepared to handle destination weddings by offering beautiful and functional options.

Location in Umbria

You will be able to choose your perfect atmosphere among villas, castles, farmhouses and agritourisms, without renouncing the comfort of accommodating your guests and organising visits and experiences strictly Italian Style. 

You will be able to enjoy fantastic days, superbly organised in every detail with your family and friends and, above all, everything will be stress free.

Gastronomic choices

The typical cuisine of Umbria will never disappoint even the most demanding palates.

A combination of tradition and innovation will give you a very wide choice and you will have many options to compose your wedding menú

(sometimes the choice is so difficult that you may find it difficult to remain rational and want to eat everything … but for this there are us who will guide you in a tasty and rational choice).

The climate of Umbria

We are in the heart of Italy, right in the centre, and enjoy a beautiful climate. 

In spring and summer we usually have not too hot days and absolutely pleasant evenings (nobody likes to sweat too much).

In autumn and winter, however, the climate remains mild, the views are tinged with the colours of the earth, the sunsets are breathtaking and you can choose from many locations with indoor venues that are as good as garden weddings. 

If you’re planning an out-of-season wedding, you should read the articles we’ve dedicated to the subject, starting HERE.

The hospitality of Umbria

This beautiful region of Italy (which we are obviously in love with) offers a wide choice of hotels, b&b’s, private houses, and accommodation of all kinds to accommodate you and your guests comfortably. 

It is accessible from several international airports such as Perugia, Rome and Florence, and for internal transfers for your guests there are no organisational problems. 

Even if your guests wish to travel independently, they can do so comfortably. They will find an excellent rail and bus network covering the whole region. 

Trusting is difficult

We know that when you organise a destination wedding you, the bride and groom, have to rely completely on those who help you organise it, and we know very well that it is difficult.

You, are entrusting us with the realisation of a special day, one of the most beautiful days of your lives; and believe us when we say that we feel all the responsibility!

Precisely because relying on us is not an option for you, but an objective necessity, you must choose carefully!

Once you have made this choice, your work will be lighter and more enjoyable.

If your dream is a wedding in Italy, go for it with all your might.

Things are not difficult to organise (even if it seems that way at first), just choose the right travel friends, who will support you and advise you for the best. 

We have prepared for you a catalogue with beautiful locations for a real Italian-style wedding, there are also venues in Umbria, have a look. 

Downloading it is completely free!

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