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Marriage in Italy: 5 reasons to choose it

A marriage in Italy, there is always a good reason to choose it.

We talk about a marriage in Italy, those who make this choice, we think they do it for love.

You have to love Italy to come here to swear eternal love and many, very many couples do it.

Marriage in Italy why choose it.

Since my team and I are always very curious and like to understand things to the fullest, we thought we would interview our brides and grooms.

We asked several couples why they had chosen Italy to celebrate their wedding.

Among the answers were these 5 reasons that were common to almost everyone.

Wedding venues.

In the top 5 answers, the first one common to just about everyone was the wedding venues.

Everyone agreed that in Italy there are magnificent venues with breathtaking views where saying “Yes I do” takes on a deep and very evocative meaning.

The food

Ehh yes I know what you are thinking: this is a commonplace of Italy.
The good food the good wine…

The truth is that in Italy you can find different specialities from region to region, each with its own history, and you can create wedding menus that are true sensory journeys.

Here, eating is an experience for the soul before it is for the palate.

A marriage in Italy is romantic

In the homeland of Romeo and Juliet, romance is a factor not to be underestimated.

Brides and grooms told us how creating a romantic, peaceful and fun atmosphere was easy.

One bride told us: “Romance is in the air”.

To us, this sentence was enough to move us….

(this bride, specifically, got married in a magical place, in Umbria, amidst centuries-old olive trees and ancient stones in a wonderful village).

Wedding and honeymoon together

Combining a wedding with a honeymoon is a more popular idea than we thought. Our newlyweds told us that they had decided to do their honeymoon in Italy.

When they found themselves choosing where to get married, they thought they would bring everyone to Italy so they celebrated the wedding and were already here to continue with the honeymoon tour.

The climate

Last but not least, one of the reasons for choosing Italy is the climate.

A mild climate that allows events to take place in all seasons with great success and very little difficulty.

There are no ideal periods to organise weddings, if you decide to get married in spring/summer you will find a mild climate with even cool evenings (it depends a lot on the region you choose).

If your goal is to get married in winter…wowwww!

Winters are not particularly cold and you will find wedding venues that have indoor halls that are no less than gardens.

A wedding in Italy is always worth it.

A wedding in Italy has no downside; if you’re thinking of organizing one, click HERE  and we’ll tell you where to start.

If you have a wish, we are sure you will be able to fulfil it in Italy.

You will certainly find everything you are looking for without much effort and if you need detailed information, you will find me HERE

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