Umbria Italy wedding venues

Umbria Italy wedding venues: make your choice

In this blog post we are going to talk about Umbria Italy wedding venues.

Umbria Italy wedding venues, it is not talked about often enough as it should be.

The wedding venues in Umbria are really beautiful and evocative to organize unforgettable weddings in an extraordinary region.

Umbria Italy wedding venues: why choose them.

Choosing a wedding venue in Umbria is definitely a great choice, for those planning a wedding in Italy.

There are many reasons why you should choose them, and in this article I want to talk to you about just that.

I would like to show you how to make a very affordable choice for your wedding and at the same time classy and without giving up anything.

Are you ready?
Let’s go on.

The geographical position of Umbria.

a very important reason why you should consider Umbria Italy wedding venues is the geographical position of this region.

It is located in the center of Italy and close to airports; this is also good for a post-wedding trip.

In fact, once you arrive in Umbria, you will be close to many regions of Italy such as Tuscany (Florence) Lazio (Rome), Emilia Romagna (Bologna) and more.

In the beating heart of Italy, ‘Umbria is the region where folkloric events, fairs and traditional festivals preserve the diversity that globalization tends to tear down.

In this wonderful place, there are many fortresses from medieval times, now restored and ready to welcome you on the most beautiful day of your life.

Here you can truly create Italian-style wedding by combining beauty and practicality.

 Umbria Italy wedding venues: a wide variety of choices.

There are castles scattered all over the territory, and perfectly maintained over time.
These places all have special features, making them very different from each other but extraordinarily beautiful.

The fortresses, which seem suspended in time and set in the beautiful Umbrian landscape, will give you a unique experience that combines history, comfort, exclusivity and breathtaking panoramic views.

Perfect ingredients for a dream event!

In addition to castles and fortresses, you can also opt for superbly detailed country houses and even entire villages where you can spend several days with your guests.

Umbria Italy wedding venues: the chance to create a unique design.

Thanks to the great experience with destination weddings of local vendors, and the fantastic versatility of wedding venues, you can design a unique design together with your wedding planner.

You can have details made by hand in the true tradition of made in Italy, by local artisans. These details will be the winning card for a design that will leave everyone speechless.

Choose Umbria Italy wedding venues for your wedding.

I think the reasons I just gave you, we have made you think about the possibility of planning your wedding in UMBRIA.

(If you are wondering how much a wedding in Italy can cost, I suggest you read here)

I am happy about that!

I think it is a truly amazing area of Italy and where weddings acquire a special atmosphere.

I will be happy to answer all your questions about wedding in Umbria….

You’ll find me in Marsciano around town, or in the Dream On workshop, or even lounging under a table at a wedding reception arranging the tablecloth….

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While you’re fantasizing about your wedding in Italy and googling “Umbria Italy wedding venues,” to find out where this region is…

I’ll leave you with a buster to your search!!!

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