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Wedding invitation guide: what to write if you plan your wedding abroad.

 How to make the perfect wedding invitation for destination weddings.

Planning a wedding abroad is an unforgettable adventure, an opportunity to create lasting memories in a dream setting.
But as you plan every detail for your big day, don’t forget the importance of the wedding invitation.

These small cards are the first taste guests will get of your wedding and can convey the style, tone and atmosphere you want to create.

The right elements of the wedding invitation

If you’re planning your wedding anywhere in the world other than your home, we’re sure you’ve made an endless list of things to plan, decide, and organise.

Among these things is the wedding participation, it is not among the first steps to be ticked off the list but it is very very important.

The participation should be done after you have chosen the date, the venue and the mood of the event.

If you are in the phase of looking for a wedding venue, keep reading this article, you will find an interesting surprise that could really make a difference for your wedding in Italy.

Remember: the wedding invitation is the wedding’s calling card, it cannot be chosen at random!

Here is what you should consider when writing the invitations for your wedding abroad.

 Precise indications of the wedding mood

Wedding invitations should reflect the essence of your wedding abroad.

Whether you are getting married in a romantic Tuscan villa or on a sun-kissed beach on the Amalfi Coast, make sure that the design and text of your wedding invitations convey the atmosphere and style of your destination.

Choose colours, fonts and styles that evoke the location and mood of your wedding.

 Provide clear and complete information

As your guests will have to travel to attend your wedding abroad, it is essential to include all the necessary information in your invitations.

This could include the date and time of the ceremonies, the exact address of the venues, transport details and accommodation suggestions.

Make sure the information is clear, concise and easy to find.

 Have a website supporting the wedding invitation

Consider creating a wedding website to accompany your wedding invitations.

This site can be a valuable resource for your guests, offering additional details on local activities and attractions, travel tips and even language guides to facilitate their experience during their stay.

Furthermore, a wedding website can be a place to share photos, updates and important information in real time.

And between you and me… it will save you an avalanche of enquiries, emails, phone calls, and messages in a bottle from guests (believe me, they will reach you wherever and however you want)

Add a personal touch to your wedding invitations

Wedding invitations are an opportunity to express your gratitude and share your joy with friends and family.
Add a personal touch to your wedding invitations by writing a sincere message or including a unique detail that reflects your relationship or wedding destination.

This can be a personalised drawing, a meaningful quote or a special photo.

The perfect wedding invitation: tips from the experienced wedding planner.

Planning a wedding abroad can be an exciting adventure, and wedding invitations are the first step to involve your guests in this unique experience.

Make sure your wedding invitations reflect the love, excitement and adventurous spirit of your big day, and prepare to create unforgettable memories with those you love.

To make the perfect wedding invitation keep these 3 features in mind:

  • send them in advance (of course announce the wedding right away with a save the date)
    include clear information
  • give hints about the mood of the wedding
  • clearly indicate where to find all the information that will help guests plan their trip.

A few paragraphs above I told you there was a surprise for you, see I’m not forgetting anything (a wedding planner never forgets anything)!

The choice of wedding invitations is linked to the venue, so if what you are looking for is the perfect place to get married

I leave you with a super detailed catalogue of dream wedding venues.

It’s completely free and you can have it on your device in a click!

If among these wedding venues, you find inspiration but what you are looking for is still not there, write to me and we will find a solution!

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