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Wedding location in Italy: do you know Umbria?

A lesser known wedding location but with potential that we want you to discover.

If you are a bride who has chosen to get married in Italy, you will certainly be looking for the wedding location that is right for you.

Finding fantastic venues is our job and we know how difficult it can be for the uninitiated.

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We’ve decided to introduce you to Umbria, an extraordinary region, to make your search easier and to show you your best options.

 Umbria a wedding location to discover

Umbria, located in the green heart of Italy, is an extraordinary choice for those who wish to celebrate their wedding in an enchanting setting steeped in history.

This region bordering Tuscany offers a wide range of charming wedding venues for foreigners in Italy, offering breathtaking views, delicious local cuisine and warm, well-organised hospitality for newlyweds and their guests.

 The advantages of Umbria

One of the greatest advantages of choosing Umbria for your wedding is its authenticity and timeless charm.

While more famous destinations such as Tuscany and Rome may be crowded and commercialised but still retain their great charm, Umbria offers a more intimate and authentic atmosphere, perfect for creating lasting memories with loved ones.

Here, it is possible to plan events that are in no way inferior to more famous destinations, but with a touch of authenticity that only Umbria can offer.

Umbria’s strengths as a wedding location

One of Umbria’s strengths is its natural beauty.
With its green hills, sunflower fields, vineyards and enchanting medieval villages, this region offers a picturesque and romantic setting for your wedding.

Imagine exchanging vows under an arch of flowers in an ancient castle or historic church as the sun sets over the surrounding hills, creating a magical and unforgettable atmosphere.

Moreover, Umbria is renowned for its delicious and authentic cuisine.

Known as the ‘land of oil and wine’, this region offers a wide range of culinary delights, from fresh pasta and artisanal cheeses to local cured meats and traditional meat dishes.

You can delight your guests with a wedding banquet that celebrates local specialities, giving them an authentic taste of Umbrian cuisine.

Finally, Umbria offers excellent value for money compared to other, more touristy destinations.

If you want to know which wedding venues you can choose in umbria, HERE you will find our article that will help you to have a more complete overview and you will also find tips to make the right choice for your wedding venue.

While you might expect to pay more for a wedding in Tuscany or Rome, Umbria offers more affordable options that do not compromise on quality or experience.

Wedding locations the advice of professionals

With a wide range of locations, suppliers and services available, you can have the wedding of your dreams without exceeding your budget.

Umbria is an outstanding choice as a wedding location for foreigners in Italy, offering breathtaking views, delicious cuisine, warm hospitality and excellent value for money. With its authenticity, charm and timeless beauty, Umbria will enchant you and offer an unforgettable wedding that will exceed all your expectations.

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