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Weddings abroad: organise with a specialized travel agency.

How to organise perfect weddings abroad for the bride, groom and their guests

This is a very important topic for you if you are planning your wedding abroad (or at least thinking about it).

When planning a wedding away from home, there are many things besides the wedding party to look out for.

These can be a nuisance at the same time, but if organised well, they can be the differentiating value between a normal wedding and an exceptional wedding abroad.

Choose a travel agency specialising in weddings abroad

The first advice we would give you is to choose specialised professionals.
A wedding abroad has different rules and dynamics to an ordinary wedding and must meet very different needs.

There are many agencies that deal with organising travel and transfers for weddings, we recommend that you contact one of them.

They have extensive experience and can anticipate every request and meet the most particular needs.
Their experience will give you peace of mind.

 Weddings abroad must include transfers for guests.

Organise  tranfers for your guests is something that you must not forget to plan for.

You will need to ensure that they can travel from their accommodation to the wedding venue and back.

This is something your guests really appreciate. Buses can be provided if you have a lot of guests, but you can also opt for minivans or taxis for smaller groups.

This is usually a cost borne by the bride and groom.

If you have a specialised agency, they will be able to advise you on the best solution for your needs and contact the best suppliers for you to provide a flawless service.

 Plan and suggest unique and comfortable places for overnight stays

Guests must be accommodated in the best possible way! (you don’t want them to get stressed or sleep badly).

Usually the bride and groom ask the travel agency to find the best accommodation according to their needs, then they give suggestions to the guests who will book on their own.

There may also be brides and grooms who organise everything themselves and instruct the agency to manage the bookings for all their guests (these are super-organised brides and grooms who have a very qualified agency).

We have already talked about how to organise accommodation for guests, if you want to explore this further click HERE.

Organise experiences for weddings abroad in your host country.

If you really want to impress your guests, you can organise activities to do together in the days following the wedding.
This would be a great idea that your guests will certainly appreciate.

For example, if you are planning to get married in Umbria, you can ask your agency to organise a visit to one of the iconic towns such as Perugia, Assisi or Gubbio. These are characteristic towns full of history.

If nature is your passion, there are excursions to vineyards with wine tasting, such as Montevibiano.

These are unique and unrepeatable travel experiences to be lived together with the people you love and who have come with you to share an important moment like marriage.

Choose an event planning agency that specialises in weddings abroad.

We have seen what you can ask of a travel agency specialising in weddings abroad. If you decide to have a wedding planning agency then the path will be even easier.

Your wedding planners will certainly have contacts with the most accredited agencies in the area and with the most convenient and relative solutions suited to your needs and budget.

Having a single point of contact to organise your wedding abroad is the greatest gift you can give yourself.

  • You won’t go crazy talking to different people,
  • communication will be quick and clear
  • you won’t waste time
  • you will definitely save on your budget.

Our advice is to always choose professionals who specialise in your needs; choose agencies from the place where you are getting married if you want to be on the safe side.

They have a knowledge of the venue and suppliers that no one else can guarantee.

Find your dream venue and build your wedding around it.

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