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Get married in Italy: Umbria is a perfect option

Get married in Italy gives you many options, today we’re talking about Umbria.

Getting married in Italy is the goal of many couples who do not live in Italy. 

The magic of the places, the beauty of the landscapes and the possibility of finding all the possible geographical features in a “small” land. 

Wedding in Italy

In Italy you can organize a wedding by the sea, in the mountains, in the hills or in vast expanses of meadows. 

There is no limit to your imagination and there is no landscape or atmosphere that you cannot create in Italy. 

 A country full of history

If you are a traveller and you really love to know the history of the places you visit then your wedding should be in Italy. 

We are the country with the highest concentration of archaeological excavations and art works in the world.

Each region has its own particularities, traditions and stories to tell.

We have an immense folk culture grid. 

Many of Italy’s places and works of art are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Even one of our dialects has been declared a real language and is a World Heritage Site: Neapolitan!

Wedding  venues

Among the most beautiful landscapes you can imagine, you’ll find beautiful and superbly organised wedding venues.

We know very well that organisation is a delicate subject for all brides planning a wedding abroad.

But don’t worry, we’ve already covered the topic from several angles, so start reading from HERE.

Returning to the most beautiful locations you can imagine…keep on imagining!!! Because what you’re dreaming of is available in Italy.

Ancient castles, farmhouses in the countryside, villas by the sea, sailing boats, mountain chalets… wherever your perfect place is you will find it! 

You’ll have to do some careful research, starting with a precise idea of how you want your wedding to be. 

The web will help you a lot in this search, but we always recommend using a local event planning agency. 

The organization

The topic of organization we know is the crux of wedding planning. Organising a wedding abroad is not easy, but not much more difficult than a wedding organised close to home. 

You will certainly have more options to choose from and you can combine your wedding party with a trip with your family and friends. 

Plan everything in detail and don’t forget your well-being and that of your guests.

Getting married in Italy: let us introduce you to Umbria

We have already talked about Umbria in our posts, it is a beautiful region and it is our region. 

Destination weddings in the last few years have been growing in this region more and more. 

We love talking about our region, and we believe it is perfect for organizing weddings for foreigners who want to experience a wedding in Italy.

Convenient to reach.

Umbria is a region in the heart of Italy and is in a strategic position as it can be reached from several international airports without difficulty. 

Planning a wedding in Umbria means being able to plan a trip after the wedding. The region is beautiful and offers many attractions, but if you want to wander, you may decide to visit neighbouring regions: Marche, beautiful Tuscany or Lazio with Rome as the capital. 

All within a few kilometres. 

 Wedding venues in Umbria

Wedding venues in Umbria will leave you speechless, from ancient villages to cosy, intimate houses, you’ll always find a warm welcome, discretion and a desire to enjoy the party with you.

There are some truly magical places we can recommend!

 At the end of this article we leave you with a gift that we thought we’d prepare for couples who love Italy and are looking for their inspiration. Finish reading this article and discover the gift!

Plan your wedding experience in Umbria.

We’ve talked about many aspects of this region nestled in the centre of Italy, but what you need to know is that you can have a wedding that will be a real experience for you, your future husband and your guests. 

There are many options to choose from, to impress everyone. You can consider reserving an entire village for you and have wine tastings of the cheeses and salami that this region is famous for.

You can organise excursions to vineyards or even go truffle hunting. 

If you are a sports lover, organise horse riding or excursions in the woods. 

Don’t miss out on relaxing with spas and thermal baths that are certainly not lacking. 

Getting married in Italy: choose Umbria

Getting married in Italy is a once-in-a-lifetime experience (we hope your wedding lasts forever) so make your choice carefully and make your dream come true!

Planning a wedding in Umbria will be easy, 

  • excellent connections
  • no problems in accommodating friends and relatives
  • excellent wine and food tradition
  • endless possibilities to organise extra activities 
  • super specialized suppliers
  • consistently high quality of service.

Our advice to you is to choose the best local suppliers for you. Their experience and knowledge of the area will help you to ensure the success of your event. 

If you would like to talk about your options in Umbria please do not hesitate to contact us, we will try to convey our love for this land.

We promised you a gift! Yes, we didn’t forget…

Click the button below and you will have the opportunity to download a free catalogue with the most beautiful venues in Italy and suitable to host a destination wedding. 

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